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Criterion Theatre
Meet A Body (1955)
Written by Frank Launder & Sidney Gilliat
Sat 1st January to Sat 1st January
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Reginald Willoughby-pratt – Leslie Tucker
Montague – Tom Toman
William Blake – Denzil Pugh
Ann Vincent – Christine Harris
Police Sergeant Bassett – Reg Fletcher
Winifred – Thelma Fletcher
Charles Boughtflower – Bob Fallon
Landlady – Janet Millerchip
Lily – Denise McClure
Sir Gregory Upshott – Geoff Bennett
Joan Wood – Doreen Fallon
Decor – Bob Fallon
Set Construction – John Smith
Stage Manager – John Smith
Wardrobe – Joan Tucker
Wardrobe – Patricia Pugh
Wardrobe – Beryl Smith
Properties – Joan Tucker
Properties – Patricia Pugh
Properties – Beryl Smith
Lighting – Reg Fletcher
Sound Effects – Thelma Fletcher
Special Effects – John Parry
Special Effects – Reg Warman
Prompter – Gladys Sheppard
The Band
Music – John Parry
Music – Reg Warman
The Programme
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