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Criterion Theatre
Vivat Vi Vat Regina (1975)
Written by Robert Bolt
Sat 1st February to Sat 8th February
Director – John Burrows
Production Photos
Mary Queen Of Scots – Wendy Anderson
Claud Nau – Richard Warren
John Knox – Terry Denman
David Rizzio – Richard Hackett
Lord Morton – Alan Warren
Lord Bothwell – John Withers
Henry Stuart/lord Darnley – Bob Green
Lord Mor – Chris Eyden
Doctor – Adrian Thomas
Tala – Chris Hill
Ormiston – Pete Bagley
Scots Archbishop – Graham White
Scots Lord – Chris Eyden
Scots Lord – Chris Hill
Scots Lord – Andy Norris
Scots Lord – Adrian Thomas
Scots Lord – Andrew White
Scots Lord – Graham White
Ladies In Waiting – Lesley Calcott
Ladies In Waiting – Jill Warren
Elizabeth I Queen Of England – Maureen Copping
William Cecil – John Hathaway
Robert Dudley – Bryan Ferriman
Lord Bishop Of Durham – Pete Bagley
Cleric – Chris Eyden
Sir Francis Walsingham – Brian Nelson
Davison – Nick Marsden
Prisoner – Andy Norris
Jailer – Chris Hill
Jailer – Adrian Thomas
Jailer – Andrew White
Jailer – Graham White
Brewer – Terry Denman
De Quadra – Chris Smith
Philip King Of Spain – Richard Hackett
The Pope – Andrew White
Server – Bob Morley
Stage Director – George Hugill
Set Construction – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Ron Drury
Set Construction – Members Of The Cast
Set Dressing – Wendy Sacks
Props – Wendy Sacks
Set Dressing – Lesley Calcott
Props – Lesley Calcott
Set Dressing – Jill Warren
Props – Jill Warren
Arms Of State – Richard Yeomans
Wardrobe – Sylvia Stafford
Sound – Steve Brookes
Sound – Neil Stewart
Lighting – Phil Hanley
Lighting – Dave Neale
Lighting – Lesley Hatwood
Continuity – Jean Warren
Photographer – T&D Photographics
Setting Louise Mathieson – John Burrows
The Programme
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