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Criterion Theatre
The Fantasticks (1976)
Written by Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt
Sat 8th May to Sat 15th May
Director – Geoff Bennett
The Mute – Chris Eyden
El Gallo, The Narrator – Keith Railton
Luisa, The Girl – Jenni Furnish
Matt, The Boy – Paul Civil
Hucklebee, The Boy's Father – John Withers
Bellomy, The Girl's Father – Ron Jones
Henry, The Old Actor – Andy Murray
Mortimer, The Handyman – Pete Heskett
Musical Director – Ray Williams
Setting – Bob Morley
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Stage Manager – Geoff White
Set Construction – Steve Higgins
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Mike Varnom
Set Construction – Colin Russell
Set Construction – Chris Smith
Set Construction – Richard Wheldon
Set Construction – Geoff White
Set Construction – Andrew White
Set Dressing – Lesley Calcott
Props – Lesley Calcott
Set Dressing – Christine Foster
Props – Christine Foster
Set Dressing – Helen Green
Props – Helen Green
Set Dressing – Christine Redshaw
Props – Christine Redshaw
Wardrobe – Sylvia Stafford
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Lighting – Shelagh Conry
Lighting – Jill Warren
Prompter – Annie Woodward
The Programme
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