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Criterion Theatre
Savages (1976)
Written by Christopher Hampton
Sat 23rd October to Sat 30th October
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Alan West – John Hathaway
Mrs West – Jean Warren
Carlos Esquerdo – James Conry
Gunmen – John Ruscoe
Gunmen – Terry Nicholls
Mles Cranshaw – John Ruscoe
General – Geoff White
Attorney-at-state – Terry Nicholls
Ataide Pereira – Bryan Ferriman
U. N. Investigator – George Hugill
Major Brigg – Phil Bagley
Bert – Aqua Hassan
Rev. Elmer Penn – Alan Warren
Kumai – Chris Eyden
Pilot – Bryan Ferriman
Co-pilot – Geoff White
Indians – Lesley Calcott
Indians – Colin Campbell
Indians – Pearl Chick
Indians – Rose Clews
Indians – Chris Eyden
Indians – Aqua Hassan
Indians – Chris Smith
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Stage Manager – Mike Putnam
Set Construction – Mike Putnam
Set Construction – Members Of The Cast
Set Dressing And Props – Annie Woodward
Set Dressing And Props – Vera Watson
Set Dressing And Props – Jill Warren
Set Dressing And Props – Dot Wyatt
Set Dressing And Props – Dave Cornish
Wardrobe – Jane Railton
Wardrobe – Renee Lingard
Wardrobe – Jane Perry
Wardrobe – Dot Wyatt
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Lighting – Sylvia Stafford
Lighting – Dave Cornish
Lighting – Ian Knight
Sound – Steve Brooks
Sound – Martin Bainbridge
Prompter – Moira Fair
Assistant To The Director – Geoff Bennett
Setting – Louise Bagley
The Programme
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