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Criterion Theatre
Plunder (1979)
Written by Ben Travers
Sat 27th January to Sat 3rd February
Director – John Ruscoe
Production Photos
Oswald Veal – Terry Nicholls
Prudence Malone – Sylvia Swingler
Mrs Hewlett – Annie Woodward
Simon Veal – Geoff White
Freddy Malone – Terry Denham
Mabel – Jill Warren
Joan Hewlett – Karen Smith
D'arcy Tuck – Keith Railton
Sir George Chudleigh – Tony Haydon
Lady Chudleigh – Margaret Coulthard
Harry Kenward – David Mumford
Ruth Bennett – Christine Foster
Maid – Sue Randall
Buckley – Andrew White
Mrs Orlock – Janice Cox
Chief Constable Grierson – Bryan Ferriman
Chief Det.insp.s!bley – Geoff Bennett
Det.sgt. Marchant – Richard Morris
Det.sgt. Bryant – Paul Longden
Designer – Geoff Geden
Set Dressing – Julia Green
Stage Director – Rich Bennett
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Jim Conry
Set Construction – Alan Duke
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Chris Smith
Set Construction – Rich Wheldon
Set Construction – Members Of The Cast
Wardrobe – Jane Perry
Set Dressing – Dot Wyatt
Props – Dot Wyatt
Set Dressing – Sue Randall
Props – Sue Randall
Set Dressing – Jill Warren
Props – Jill Warren
Set Dressing – Moira Fair
Props – Moira Fair
Set Dressing – Paula Salt
Props – Paula Salt
Set Dressing – Helen Speedy
Props – Helen Speedy
Sound – Steve Brooks
Lighting – Ian Knight
Prompter – Paula Salt
The Programme
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