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Criterion Theatre
Take Three Plays (1980)
Written by Various
Thu 27th March to Sat 29th March
Director – Helen Withers
Director – June Williams
Director – Jean Firth
John Worthing – Carl Bainbridge
Algernon Moncrieff – Christopher O'Connell
Lady Bracknell – Kathy Joyce
Hon Gwendolen Fairfax – Anne-Marie Vincent
Cecily Cardew – Maria Clare
Miss Prism – Wendy Harris
Gert – Barbara Plumb
Nellie – Deborah Horgan
Beattie – Glenda Brassington
Alice – Mandy Starnes
Vera – Julie Robinson
Mrs Gimmel – Helen Pearce
Polly – Lee Whitcher
Dot – Alison Barr
Maggie – Carol Hughes
Billy Fisher – Geoff Hunt
Barbara (his Fiancee) – Vanessa Williams
Alice Fisher (his Mother) – Susan Anderton
Rita (his Fiancee) – Wendy Harris
Geoff Fisher (his Father) – Guy Eames
Liz (his Girlfriend) – Philippa Butcher
Stage Director – Guy Eames
Prompter – Wendy Harris
Props – Geoff Hurst
Set Dressing – Geoff Hurst
Props – Susan Anderton
Set Dressing – Susan Anderton
Wardrobe – Anne-Marie Vincent
Stage Director – Kathleen Joyce
Prompter – Carl Bainbridge
Props – Maria Clare
Props – Chris O'connell
Wardrobe – Barbara Plumb
Wardrobe – Helen Pearce
Stage Director – Glenda Brassington
Prompter – Carol Hughes
Props – Mandy Starnes
Set Dressing – Mandy Starnes
Props – Deborah Horgan
Set Dressing – Deborah Horgan
Wardrobe – Philippa Butcher
Wardrobe – Vanessa Williams
Stage Director – Jean Firth
The Programme
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