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Criterion Theatre
Macbeth (1982)
Written by William Shakespeare
Sat 16th October to Sat 23rd October
Directed By – John Burrows
Production Photos
The Weird Sisters – Margaret Coulthard
The Weird Sisters – Janette Turnbull
The Weird Sisters – Jane Railton
Duncan, The Elected King – John Hathaway
Malcolm, His Elder Son – Robert Cramp
Donalbain, His Younger Son – Geoff Hunt
Macbeth, The Thane Of Glamis – Jim Conry
Lady Macbeth, His Wife – Annie Woodward
Banquo, A Principal Thane – John Withers
Fleance, His Son – Phillip Edkins
Macduff, The Thane Offife – Mark Wiszowaty
Lady Macduff, His Wife – Jill Warren
Children To Macduff – Timothy Stewart
Children To Macduff – Daniel Stewart
Children To Macduff – Elizabeth Fair
Children To Macduff – Jonathan Haytor
Ross – Paul Glenn
Lennox – Maurice Dee
Angus – Peter Roxburgh
A Wounded Captain – Doug Griffiths
An Old Man – Vic Cooper
Seyton, A Porter – John Hathaway
Two Murderers – Geoff Hunt
Two Murderers – Ben Lister
A Gentlewoman – Margaret White
A Doctor – Doug Griffiths
Thanes Servants – John Spencer
Messengers – Andrew McIlwee
Messengers – Doug Griffiths
Messengers – Vic Cooper
Messengers – Ben Lister
Designed By – Keith Berry
Original Music Composed By – Wayne Morris
Lighting Designed By – Karl Stafford
Stage Director – Liz Thompson
Lighting – Sylvia Stafford
Lighting – Peter Jones
Lighting – Clive Robinson
Sound – Jim Nailen
Sound – Wayne Morris
Wardrobe – Shelagh Conry
Wardrobe – Linda Cooper
Wardrobe – Jean Firth
Wardrobe – Members Of The Company
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Doreen Belton
Set Construction – Geoff White
Set Construction – Keith Berry
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Jim Nailen
Set Construction – John Ruscoe
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – Robert Cramp
Set Construction – Clive Robinson
Prompter – Pat Pugh
The Band
Musician – Jane Wiseman
Musician – Nigel Heath
Musician – Wayne Morris
The Programme
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