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Criterion Theatre
Female Transport (1984)
Written by Steve Gooch
Fri 30th March to Sun 1st April
Director – Richard Warren
Winnie – Jane Maxwell
Madge – Dawn Bagley
Nance – Noreen Gill
Pitty – Penny Adams
Sarah – Nicky Holt
Charlotte – Maggie Clarke
Tommy – Mark Holden
Sarge – Phillip Edkins
Captain – Derek Curran
Surgeon – Stephen Breeze
Props & Setting – Sarah Tremaine
Designer – Richard Warren
Designer – Jim Nailen
Lighting – Ian Knight
Stage Director – Jeanette Nailen
Set Building I/C – Jim Nailen
Set Building – Paul Glenn
Set Building – Chris Hughes
Set Building – Bill Skinner
Set Building – Robert Williams
Wardrobe I/C – Jean Firth
Wardrobe – Sarah Waite
Wardrobe – Julie Newhill
Wardrobe – Sarah Bailey
Wardrobe – Liz Hodgkiss
Props & Setting I/C – Jean Firth
Props & Setting – Nicola Tansley
Props & Setting – Debbie Glancy
Props & Setting – Ian Findlay
Prompter – Sue Coupe
The Programme
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