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Criterion Theatre
Henry V (1989)
Written by William Shakespeare
Sat 20th May to Sat 27th May
Director – Pete Bagley
Production Photos
King Henry The Fifth – Phil Reynolds
Duke Of Exeter – Mark Wiszowaty
Earl Of Westmoreland – Chris Russell
Earl Of Warwick – Steven Cobert
Macmorris – Steven Cobert
Archbishop Of Canterbury – Ben Lister
The Constable Of France – Ben Lister
Bishop Of Ely – Mike Jones
Gower – Mike Jones
Earl Of Cambridge – Peter Brooks
Fluellen – Peter Brooks
Lord Scroop – Bob Djenisic
Govemor Of Harfleur – Bob Djenisic
Soldier – Bob Djenisic
Sir Thomas Grey – Gus Mcdonald
Sir Thomas Erpingham – Doug Griffiths
Nym – Rupert Butt
Bates – Rupert Butt
Bardolph – Mike Fell
Williams – Mike Fell
Pistol – Vic Cooper
Boy – Gennie Holmes
Charles The Sixth Of France – Pete Bagley
The Dauphin – Pete Harris
Duke Of Burgundy – John Withers
Duke Of Orleans – John Bagley
Montjoy, French Ambassador – Geoff Askew
Isabel, Queen Of France – Norma Bainbridge
Hostess – Norma Bainbridge
Princess Katharine Of France – Rachel Horton
Alice – Carmen Aros
Soldier – Henry Hickling
Lady-in-waiting – Debbie Hill
Chorus – John Hathaway
Assistant Director – Richard Warren
Fight Choreographer – Richard Warren
Designer – Louise Bagley
Lighting Design – Pete Bennett
Stage Manager – Peter Jones
Set Building – Ian Knight
Set Building – Karl Stafford
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Props – Ruth Hermitage
Props – Nick Meredith
Props – Rene Whitlock
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Joan Carter
Wardrobe – Lu Bowen
Lighting Operators – Pete Bennett
Lighting Operators – Graham Robinson
Sound – Dave Bailey
Sound – Graham Robinson
Prompter – Wendy Stevens
Photographs By – Cliff Brigden
The Programme
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