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Criterion Theatre
Ask For The Moon (1992)
Written by Shilrley Gee
Sat 29th August to Sat 5th September
Director – Wendy Browning
Fanny – Shilpa Patel
Mercy – Debra Relton
Alice – Heather Street
Carlie – Terri Eggington
Anwhela – Presia Winsor-smith
Eugene – Pete Harris
Stage Director – John Marron
Assistant Director – John Marron
Lighting – Dave Cornish
Lighting – Chris Street
Set Design – Dave Holmes
Costume – Linda Holmes
Sound – Becky Bartlett
Set Painting – Jo Ingleby
Prompt – Wendy Stevens
Props – Chris Jones
Props – Chris Redshaw
Props – Chris Smith
Photographer – Rob Lapworth
The Programme
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