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Criterion Theatre
Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged Thirteen and Three Quarters (1993)
Written by Sue Townsend
Sat 11th December to Sat 18th December
Directed By – John Marron
Adrian Mole – Jamie Firth
George Mole – Chris Old
Pauline Mole – Chris Redshaw
Grandma – Maureen Copping
Mr Lucas – Doug Griffiths
Mrs Lucas – Wendy Browning
Nigel – Roland Mackie
Pandora – Sarah Belton
Barry Kent – Eddie Taylor
Bert Baxter – Tom Sadler
Queenie – Barbara Pickering
Matron – Liz Thompson
The Dog – Marie Kerrigan
Schoolgirl – Marie Kerrigan
Electricity Man – Mark Wiszowaty
Mr Scruton – Mark Wiszowaty
Stage Manager – Jean Warren
Lighting – Laurence Silvester
Lighting – Graham Robinson
Lighting – Roger Duke
Lighting – Mike Clarke
Sound – Dave Cornish
Musical Arrangements – Dave Cornish
Props – Liz Thompson
Props – John Barnes
Props – Jason Dawson
Props – Chris Jones
Props – Simon Garside
Props – Sarah Mann
Set Design – Judy Talbot
Set Painting – Judy Talbot
Set Painting – Paul Chokran
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Building – Graham Robinson
Set Building – Laurence Silvester
Set Building – Mike Clarke
Set Building – Roger Duke
Wardrobe – Liz Thompson
Wardrobe – Becky James
Wardrobe – John Marron
Prompt – Wendy Stevens
Photographs By – Robert Lapworth
The Programme
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