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Criterion Theatre
A Murder Is Announced (1996)
Written by Agatha Christie
Sat 11th May to Sat 18th May
Director – Wendy Browning
Production Photos
Julin Simmons – Emma Padfield
Letitia Blacklock – Chris Maskell
Dora Bunner – Lynne Brookes
Patrick Simmons – Jason Dawson
Mitzi – Maggie Sampford
Miss Marple – Terri Eggington
Phillipa Haymes – Debra Relton
Mrs Sweltenham – Helen Clarke
Edmund Sweltenham – Gary Nicholls
Rudi Scherz – Toby Davies
Inspector Craddock – Terry Cowlishaw
Sergeant Mellors – Greg Cooper
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Stage Manager – Peter Jones
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Design – Pete Wood
Set Build – Mike Tooley
Set Build – Mike Clarke
Set Build – Geoff Eames
Set Build – Julian Cox
Set Build – Malcolm Culverwell
Set Dressing – Chris Redshaw
Set Painting – Edna Neal
Set Painting – Judy Talbot
Set Painting – Wendy Browning
Costume – Nancy Silvester
Costume – Kate Astle
Props – Antoinette Brown
Props – Jean Firth
Props – Toby Davies
Lighting Operators – Ian Knight
Sound Operator – Pete Wood
Prompter – Elizabeth Michielson
The Programme
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