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Criterion Theatre
A Christmas Carol (1996)
Written by Charles Dickens
Sat 14th December to Sat 21st December
Director – Pete Bagley
Production Photos
Storyteller – Pete Bagley
Scrooge – Keith Railton
Bob Cratchit – Terry Cowlishaw
Fred – Matt Sweatman
1st Man – Doug Griffiths
2nd Man – Hugh Rippon
Jacob Marley – Mark Wiszowaty
Spirit 1 – Chris Maskell
Spirit 2 – Chris Smith
Spirit S – Chris Maskell
Boy Scrooge – Paul Towey
Fanny – Frances Lane
Fezzlwig – Vic Cooper
18yr Old Scrooge – Michael Hammond
Dick Wilkins – Greg Cooper
Mrs Fezziwig – Annie Woodward
Isabelle – Lynne Brookes
Isabelle's Daughter – Heather Bagley
Isabelle's Husband – Chris Old
Mrs Cratchit – Linda Holmes
Belinda – Olivia Holmes
Young Cratchit – Frances Lane
Martha – Katherine Bagley
Tiny Tim – James Bradshaw
Jane (fred's Wife) – Emma Padfield
Man 1 – Chris Old
Man 2 – Chris Russell
Man 3 – Gary Winfield
Mrs Dipper – Wendy Browning
Old Joe – Tom Sadler
Mrs Dilber – Annie Woodward
Caroline – Gennie Holmes
John – Jason Dawson
Boy – Frances Lane
Butcher – Tony Darragh
Maid – Maggie Sampford
Destitute Children – George Parkes
Destitute Children – Sophie Parkes
Company – Dino Walker
Company – Carol Turner
Company – Sally Osbourne
Company – Laurence Taylor
Company – Rebecca Chatwin
Clog Dancers – John Edwards
Clog Dancers – Nancy Silvester
Clog Dancers – Pauline Ieng-ward
Melodion – Mel Burden
Percussion & Melodion – Debbie Hardie
Concertina – Anita O'hagan
Banjo – Mike Torbe
Stage Manager – Peter Jones
Assistant Stage Manager – Liz Thompson
Assistant Stage Manager – Dave Holmes
Set Designer – Louise Bagley
Lighting Designer – Ian Knight
Sound Designer – Ben Woodward
Costume Designer – Maureen Copping
Set Building – Mike Tooley
Set Building – Laurence Taylor
Set Building – Julian Cox
Set Building – Geoff Eames
Set Building – Rod Ricketts
Set Building – Chris Russell
Set Building – Chris Old
Lighting Operators – Dave Cornish
Lighting Operators – Pete Wood
Sound Operator – Becky Bartlett
Costume Assistant – Nancy Silvester
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Judy Talbot
Set Painting – Paul Chokran
Set Painting – Laurence Curtis
Gravestone – Albert Pickering
Door By – Albert Pickering
The Band
Violin – Nigel Ward
The Programme
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