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Criterion Theatre
The Golden Pathway Annual (1998)
Written by John Harding & John Burrows
Sat 5th September to Sat 12th September
Director – Helen Withers
Production Photos
George Peters – Jason Dawson
Michael Peters – Gareth Withers
Mr Vadia – Richard Doney
Mr Seth – Richard Doney
Roger – Richard Doney
The Magistrate – Richard Doney
The Officer – Jon Elves
Mr Collins – Jon Elves
A Chicken – Jon Elves
Owen – Jon Elves
The Head – Jon Elves
The Irishman – Jon Elves
The Doorman – Jon Elves
Enid Peters – Nicole Firth
June – Nicole Firth
Miss Jones – Nicole Firth
William – Nicole Firth
The Lady – Nicole Firth
Mademoiselle – Nicole Firth
The Girlfriend – Nicole Firth
Stage Manager – Peter Jones
Prompter – Maria Baron
Wardrobe – Nancy Silvester
Wardrobe – Betty Saltiel
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Wardrobe – Anne Parker
Props – Chris Child
Props – Chris Jones
Props – Emma Padfield
Lighting – Dave Cornish
Sound – Steve Withers
Set Design – Judy Talbot
Set Design – Paul Chokran
Set Painters – Judy Talbot
Set Painters – Paul Chokran
Set Painters – Louise Bagley
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
The Band
Vocals – Nicol Cortese
Lead Guitar – Steve Withers
Vocal Arrangement – Gareth Withers
Bass Guitar – Dave Archer
Alto Saxophone – Jan Nightingale
Percussion – Ian Webberley
Keyboards – Jennie Redshaw
Tenor Saxophone – Jennie Redshaw
The Programme
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