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Criterion Theatre
Holy Ghosts (2007)
Written by Romulus Linney
Sat 27th October to Sat 3rd November
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Nancy Shedman – Sharon Mace
Coleman Shedman – Gareth Cooper
Rogers Canfield – Doug Griffiths
Obediah Buckhorn Jnr – Kevin Jones
Virgil Tides – Ross Darragh
Orin Hart – Tony Darragh
Howard Rudd – Tony Cuttiford
Lorena Cosburg – Nancy Silvester
Mrs Wall – Ellie Lake
Muriel Boggs – Marie Wells
Billy Boggs – Dan Darragh
Obediah Buckhorn Snr – Brian Emeney
Carl Specter – Andrew Tyrer
Bonnie Bridge – Chris Ingall
Cancer Man – Andy Chaplin
Stage Manager – Helen Withers
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Raoul Wood
Sound – Dave Cornish
Wardrobe – Maureen Liggins
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Props – Annie Woodward
Props – Lesley Rahilly
Set Construction – Ben Woodward
Set Construction – Dave Holmes
Set Painting – Paul Chokran
The Programme
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