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Criterion Theatre
And Then There Were None (2009)
Written by Agatha Christie
Sat 28th March to Sat 4th April
Director – Wendy Anderson
Production Photos
William Blore – Pete Bagley
Captain Philip Lombard – Andy Bayliss
Antony Marston – Dave Crossfield
Dr Edward Armstrong – Neil Vallance
Emily Brent – Susan Howell
Vera Claythorne – Libby Mckay
General John Mackenzie – Keith Railton
Sir Lawrence Wargrave – John Fenner
Mrs Rogers – Maureen Copping
Stage Manager – Clair Henrywood
Set Design – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – John Griffiths
Set Construction – Arthur Biggs
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Judy Talbot
Set Painting – Doreen Belton
Set Painting – Paul Wilkins
Set Painting – Sue Hadlum
Set Painting – Chris Ingall
Props – Chris Jones
Props – Liz Hodgekiss
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Operation – Ian Knight
Sound Design – Becky Bartlett
Sound Operation – Bill Butler
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Wardrobe – Maureen Liggins
Wardrobe – Nikki Muckle
Wardrobe – Danielle Foster
Prompt – Shirley Jobson
The Programme
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