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Criterion Theatre
Blue Remembered Hills (2009)
Written by Dennis Potter
Wed 15th April to Sat 18th April
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Angela (age 7) – Sharon Mace
Audrey (age 7) – Rebecca Fenlon
Peter (age 7) – Gareth Cooper
Donald Duck (age 7) – Trev Clarke
Willie (age 7) – Andy Chaplin
Raymond (age 7) – Matt Sweatman
John (age 7) – Chris Marshall
Stage Manager – Helen Withers
Set Design – Geoff Bennett
Set Construction – Ben Woodward
Set Paint – Ben Woodward
Set Construction – Paul Chokran
Set Paint – Paul Chokran
Sound – Dave Cornish
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Properties – Annie Woodward
Properties – Lesley Rahilly
Costume – Gennie Holmes
Costume – Pam Coleman
Costume – Maureen Copping
The Programme
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