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Criterion Theatre
The Ring Game (1966)
Written by Leonard de Francquen
Fri 25th March to Sat 26th March
Director – John Walter
Papa Guilo – John Burrows
Dolfo – Charles Garner
Torella – Jill Lenton
Quilo – John Crofts
Volinia – Yvonne Lear
Neppi – David Brown
Figrette – Janet Luckman
Villager – Robert Davenport
Villager – Mark Boult
Villager – Kathy Lawson
Villager – Robert Hipwell
Villager – Janet Chamberlain
Villager – Jill Chamberlain
Villager – Bronwyn Robertson
Villager – Louise Robertson
Villager – Susan Davies
Villager – Jill Dalton
Villager – Gillian Haggard
Villager – Richard Atkins
Villager – Val Parsons
Villager – Drusilla Yarrow
Villager – Bernard Brownsword
Villager – Pete Wood
Villager – Grahame Faxon
Villager – Julia Cunliffe
Villager – Margaret Seymour
Villager – Neil Mclauchlan
Decor – John Burrows
The Programme
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