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Criterion Theatre
Under Milk Wood (1967)
Written by Dylan Thomas
Sat 20th May to Sat 27th May
Director – Bill Newton
Production Photos
Narrator – Geoff Bennett
Captain Cat – Arthur Mccaffery
Rosie Probert – Jean Gallagher
Mr. Mog Edwards – John Hathaway
Miss Myfanwy Price – Elizabeth Mccaffrey
Jack Black – Alan Warren
Mr. Waldo – Leslie Tucker
Mrs. Ogmore-pritchard – Jean Dooley
Mr. Ogmore – Keith Railton
Mr. Pritchard – Reg Percival
Gossamer Beynon – Susan Davies
Organ Morgan – David Coode
Utah Watkins – Robert Hipwell
Ocky Milkman – John Walter
P.c. Attila Rees – David Coode
Mrs. Willy Nilly – Margaret Baker
Lily Smalls – Christine Allen
Mae Rose Cottage – Glynis Cooper
Butcher Beynon – Leslie Tucker
Rev. Eli Jenkins – Richard Sutton
Mr. Pugh – John Hathaway
Mrs. Organ Morgan – Jean Dooley
Mary Ann Sailors – Wendy Anderson
Dai Bread – Alan Warren
Polly Garter – June Herbert
Nogood Boyo – John Walter
Lord Cut-glass – Reg Percival
The Guide – John Walter
Mrs. Beynon – Joan Taylor
Mrs. Pugh – Estelle Angel
Mrs. Dal Bread One – Margaret Baker
Mrs. Dai Bread Two – Glynis Cooper
Willy Nilly – Keith Railton
Cherry Owen – Alan Warren
Mrs. Cherry Owen – Norma Bainbridge
Sinbad Sailors – John Walter
Evans The Death – Keith Railton
Bessie Bighead – Elizabeth Mccaffrey
Children – Kathleen Duncan
Children – Janice Edwards
Children – Barbara Eburne
Children – Joyce Gibson
Children – Roberta Stone
Children – Helen Vaughan
Children – Jimmy Kelly
Children – John Mason
Children – James Reay
Children – John Ricketts
Drowned Sailors, Neighbours, Wlves, Fishermen, Drinkers, And Husbands – Members Of The Criterion Youth Players
Stage Director – George Hugill
Stage Manager – Paul Harris
Set Construction – Paul Harris
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Properties – Christine Harris
Lighting – Brian Tuck
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Photographer – Wynne Jarrett
The Programme
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