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Criterion Theatre
The Enchanted (1967)
Written by Jean Giradoux
Sat 1st July to Sat 8th July
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
The Mayor – George Griffin
The Doctor – Ralph Jones
Isabel – Jean Gallagher
Lucy – Barbara Eburne
Daisy – Mary Ali
Gilberte – Elaine White
Irene – Gay Keough
Denise – Helen Vaughan
The Inspector – John Hathaway
The Supervisor – Keith Railton
Armande Mangebois – Joan Hartley
Leonide Mangebois – Noreen Adams
The Ghost – Graham Caldicott
First Executioner – George Hugill
Second Executioner – Mick Bucknell
Monsieur Adrian – George Hugill
Monsieur Tellier – Mick Bucknell
Stage Director – Kathy Lawson
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Properties – Vera Watson
Wardrobe – Renee Lingard
Lighting – Eric Sutton
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Sound – Stephen Brookes
Prompter – Thea Jones
Photographer – John Blakemore
Executioners' Song Composed – George Hugill
The Band
Viola – Janice Edwards
The Programme
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