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Criterion Theatre
The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker (1967)
Written by Liam O'Brien
Sat 9th December to Sat 16th December
Director – Robin Green
Production Photos
Laurie Pennypacker – Carol Bennett
1st Pupil – Joan Unknown
2nd Pupil – Sandra Unknown
Ben Pennypacker – David Copping
David Pennypacker – Donald Farquharson
Edward Pennypacker – Graham Cooper
Elizabeth Pennypacker – Mandy Dalton
Aunt Jane Pennypacker – Joyce Chavner
Wilbur Fifield – Peter Wood
Kate Pennypacker – Jill Lenton
Ma Pennypacker – Beryl Smith
Henry Pennypacker – Stephen Brookes
Teddy Pennypacker – Andrew Smith
Grampa Pennypacker – Arthur Mccaffery
Quinlan – David Brown
A Young Man – Nick Gould
Dr. Fifield – Terry Brown
Sileriff – John Burrows
Pa Pennypacker – Ralph Jones
Policeman – Grahame Faxon
Stage Director – Janet Chamberlain
Stage Manager – John Smith
Set Construction – John Smith
Properties – Glynis Cooper
Wardrobe – Jean Gallagher
Lighting – Graham Oliver
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Prompter – Jill Chamberlain
Photographs – John Blakemore
The Programme
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