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Criterion Theatre
The Happy Haven (1968)
Written by John Arden
Mon 1st April to Mon 1st April
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Dr. Copperthwaite – John Hathaway
Mrs Phineus – Wendy Anderson
Mrs Letouzel – Jean Warren
Mr. Golightly – Peter Wood
Mr. Hardrader – Ken Dooley
Mr. Crape – Arthur Mccaffery
Robinson – Geoffrey Veasey
Sir Frederick Hapgood – Geoffrey Veasey
Smith – Andy North
Lord Mayor – Andy North
Nurse Jones – Carol Pooley
Lady Mayoress – Carol Pooley
Nurse Brown – Jean Gallagher
Lady From The Ministry – Jean Gallagher
Lighting – Peter Bleasby
Stage Manager – Elsie Bennett
Assistant Stage Manager – Eric Sutton
Assistant Stage Manager – Jo Walter
Assistant Stage Manager – Robert Watts
The Programme
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