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Criterion Theatre
Trespass (1969)
Written by Emlyn Williams
Sat 15th March to Sat 22nd March
Director – Tony Haydon
Production Photos
Bill – Geoff Firth
Gwan – Wendy Browning
Maid – Juliette Hugill
Mr Grice – Anthony Haydon
Mrs Henting – Noreen Adams
Christine – Maureen Copping
Dewar – Arthur Mccaffrey
Mrs Amos – Joyce Chavner
Saviello – Jim Conry
Director – Anthony Haydon
Setting – Gary Cooper
Stage Director – Joan Hartley
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Bob Browning
Set Construction – John Hathaway
Set Construction – Arthur Mccaffrey
Wardrobe – Lesley Hatwood
Lighting – Norman Jones
Lighting – Bob Vincent
Sound – Stephen Brookes
Wardrobe – Christine Tucker
The Programme
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