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Criterion Theatre
Richard III (1969)
Written by William Shakespeare
Sat 18th October to Sat 25th October
Director – John Hathaway
Production Photos
Voice Of Queen Margaret – Helena Gault
King Edward Iv – Anthony Haydon
Edward, His Elder Son – Philip James
Richard, His Younger Son – Keith Hopley
Queen Elizabeth, His Wife – Janette Turnbull
Duchess Of York, His Mother – Noreen Adams
George, Duke Of Clarence, His Brother – Graham Fair
Richard, Duke Of Gloucester, His Brother – Jim Conry
Lady Anne – Glynis Cooper
Duke Of Buckingham – Keith Railton
Duke Of Norfolk – Philip Bagley
Earl Rivers – Geoff White
Marquess Of Dorset – Peter Wood
Earl Of Oxford – Steve Higgins
Lord H Astings – Terry Brown
Lord Stanley – Arthur Mccaffery
Lord Lovell – Geoff Firth
Sir Richard Ratcliffe – Tom Veasey
Sir William Catesby – Bob Browning
Sir Robert Brackenbury – Leslie Tucker
Sir James Tyrrell – John Burrows
Murderers – Ian Hopwood
Murderers – Dave Brown
Messenger – Joe Brown
Archbishop Of Canterbury – John Withers
Henry, Earl Of Richmond – Nick Gould
Assistant To The Director – John Hathaway
Decor – Ray Williams
Costume – Renee Lingard
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Continuity – Jean Warren
Stage Manager – Herbert Hartley
Set Construction – Herbert Hartley
Set Construction – Anthony Haydon
Set Construction – Steve Higgins
Set Construction – John Smith
Properties – Joyce Chavner
Properties – Carole Pooley
Wardrobe – Sheila Morris
Wardrobe – Dot Wyatt
Lighting – Norman Jones
Lighting – Bob Vincent
Sound – Stephen Brookes
Photographer – Richard Sadler
The Programme
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