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Criterion Theatre

Staying Covid-Safe at the Criterion


Looking after our cast, crew, front of house teams and audiences is our top priority. 

What are the specific arrangements for the production of 'Queers: Eight Monologues'?

In compliance with the latest government guidance we have updated our safety protocols to ensure that there is no mingling of the separated groups of six people.

Separate Backstage and Front of stage ‘bubbles’

Backstage personnel will enter and exit the theatre at the side and go straight to the back of the theatre, therefore never entering the foyer or bar area. There are separate backstage toilets.

Performers: ‘Queers’ is a play consisting of 8 separate monologues, 4 in each Act. The actors are on stage by themselves. We will effectively run the production as if it was two separate one Act plays. Each Act has a set of 4 actors. We have carefully scheduled entry and exit times for all individuals so that there is no mixing of the two sets of performers. There will for example be a separate curtain call at the end of each Act.

Crew: The light and sound technician can enter and exit the tech box without needing to enter front of stage areas, nor having any contact except via telephone with the backstage bubble. The stage manager will open up the whole theatre building and then become part of the backstage bubble. There will be no wardrobe or props crew for this production.

Social distancing will be observed by everyone at all times.

Front of stage:
Front of stage personnel will enter the theatre through the front door and follow internal one way system to exit.

There are 3 front of house and 1 bar volunteers for each performance. This bubble of 4 will never go to the backstage areas.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene procedures
Cleaning of personal spaces in dressing rooms before and after use. Maximum capacity of 2 in each dressing room.
Cleaning of table and chairs on stage between each monologue.

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