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Criterion Theatre
After The Rain (1970)
Written by John Bowen
Sat 14th March to Sat 21st March
Director – Bob Morley
The Lecturer – Helena Gault
Her Two Assistants – Stephen Brookes
Her Two Assistants – Mary Fletcher
Captain Hunter – Pete Bagley
Arthur Henderson – Frank Barratt
Gertrude Forbes-cooper – Wendy Browning
Tony Batch – Phil Bagley
Wesley Otterdale – John Burrows
Muriel Otterdale – Elizabeth Mccaffrey
Harold Banner – Arthur Mccaffery
Alan Armitage – Graham Fair
Sonya Banks – Glynis Cooper
Designer – Bob Morley
Stage Director – Bob Browning
Stage Manager – John Lawrence
Set Construction – John Lawrence
Set Construction – Fred Beards
Set Construction – Reg Light
Set Construction – Doreen Slee
Set Construction – Alan Warren
Wardrobe – Margaret White
Wardrobe – Dot Wyatt
Properties – Norma Bainbridge
Lighting – Howard Jones
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Photographer – Ken Mccleod
The Programme
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