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Criterion Theatre
Towards The Pebbled Shore (1970)
Written by Various
Thu 14th May to Thu 14th May
Director – Geoff Bennett
Performer – Geoff Bennett
Performer – Jim Conry
Performer – John Hathaway
Performer – Keith Railton
Performer – Wendy Anderson
Performer – Joy Evans
Performer – Jean Warren
The Band
Violin – Michael Gatward
Violin – Robert Baker
Viola – Gillian Bishop
Cello – Hilary Breakspear
Descant Recorder – Alan Biddle
Descant Recorder – David Willingham
Treble Recorder – Sylvia Davoll
Treble Recorder – Beryl Craven
Treble Recorder – Margaret Rees
Tenor Recorder – Mavis Johns
Tenor Recorder – Alan Chester
Bass Recorder – Leslie Tucker
Bass Recorder – Paul Johns
Harpsichord – Martyn Lane
The Programme
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