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Criterion Theatre
The Drunkard (1970)
Written by Brian J. Burton
Sat 5th December to Sat 12th December
Director – Geoff White
Production Photos
Mrs. Wilson, A Good Woman, In The Vale Of Years – Joyce Chavner
Mary Wilson, The Sweet Heroine – Helen Withers
Squire Cribbs, A Villain Of The Deepest Dye – Geoff Bennett
Edward Middleton, The Hero With A Lesson To Learn – Keith Railton
Sophia Spindle, An Eccentric Spinster – Noreen Adams
William Dowton, A Simple Rustic – Graham Fair
Agnes Dowton, His Poor Demented Sister – Moira Gatehouse
Mrs. Miller, A Villager Of Three Score And Ten Summers – Mollie Hugill
Mrs. Gates, A Villager With A Taste For Gossip – Norma Bainbridge
Mrs. Stevens, Another Villager With A Similar Taste – Vera Watson
Sam Adams, An Elderly Rustic With A Thirst – Pete Bagley
The Landlord, Of The Village Inn – Leslie Tucker
Julia Middleton, An Innocent Child – Carol Bennett
Arden Rencelaw, A Noble Philanthropist – George Hugill
Officer Of The Law – George Hugill
Villagers – Joy Brookes
Villagers – Elizabeth Mccaffrey
Villagers – Margaret White
Villagers – John Crofts
Villagers – Tom Veasey
Stage Director – John Burrows
Stage Manager – Bob Green
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Ray Williams
Set Construction – Pete Bagley
Set Construction – Robert Bond
Set Construction – Dave Brown
Set Construction – Red Hartley
Set Construction – Steve Higgins
Set Construction – Tom Veasey
Wardrobe – Wendy Anderson
Wardrobe – Joyce Chavner
Properties – Mollie Hugill
Properties – Elizabeth Mccaffrey
Properties – Vera Watson
Sound – Stephen Brookes
Lighting – Peter Elkington
Lighting – John Hathaway
Lighting – Jean Warren
Lighting – Debbie Prosser
Lighting – Shirley Sanders
Continuity – Kate Wilcox
Photographer – Richard Sadler
The Programme
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