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Criterion Theatre
Crime And Punishment (1971)
Written by Rodney Ackland & Dostoievsky
Sat 1st May to Sat 8th May
Director – Geoff Bennett
Your Memories
Karl Stafford remembers ...
My first involvement with the Criterion was assisting Jeff Hadley with the set construction of Crime and Punishment. In those days, money was tight and materials short so there was a lot of what we now know as recycling. All nails were recovered and straightened, screws were few and far between and the wooden beer crates were repurposed for all manner of uses on stage. There was always the smell of glue size used for both the powder scenic paint and canvassing of flats (none of this plywood malarkey back then). Does anyone remember the Dravo hot air blower in the wings?
Karl Stafford remembers ...
This play marked my first involvement with the Criterion. Assisting Jeff Hadley with the set build, I distinctly remember the welcome extended to me by the membership secretary (a certain Keith Railton) and the other cast and crew members. During the course of this play, Messers Bennett, Hadley and Brown became Geoff, Jeff and Terry outside of Caludon Castle while the were still Sir during the day at school. Crime and Punishment introduced me to the amazing Criterion “family” which has been part of my life ever since.
Production Photos
Raskolnikov, A Penniless Student – Graham Fair
Pulcheria, His Mother – Joan Taylor
Dounia, His Sister – Joy Brookes
Razoumikhin, His Friend – Bob Browning
Looshin, Dounia's Flancé – Keith Railton
Marmeladoff – Geoff White
Katerina, His Wife – Maureen Copping
Poletchka, His Daughter – Wendy Young
Sonia, His Step-daughter – Wendy Anderson
Amalia, The Landlady – Elizabeth Mccaffrey
Natasia, A Servant – Moira Gatehouse
Ivan, A Porter – Bob Morley
Lebeziatnikov – Steve Higgins
Street Vendor – Pete Bagley
Anyutka,his Wife – Helen Withers
His Assistant – Tom Veasey
Ex-soldier – Terry Brown
Very Old Lady – Moya Bristow
Clerk – Laurie South
His Wife – Joyce Chavner
Blind Man – Reg Fletcher
Widow – Margaret White
Her Daughter – Barbara Williams
Daria, A Procuress – Vera Watson
Petrovich, Chief Of Police – Arthur Mccaffrey
Zametov, His Assistant – Stephen Brookes
Thomitch, An Officer – John Withers
Coachman – John Crofts
Doctor – David Bennett
Priest – John Osmond
Strange Man – John Withers
Nikola, A Painter – John Osmond
Hungarian – John Crofts
Hurdy Gurdy Player – David Bennett
Stage Director – Wendy Browning
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Wardrobe – Dot Wyatt
Properties – Norma Bainbridge
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Lighting – Peter Elkington
Continuity – Wendy Smith
Photographs – Richard Sadler
The Programme
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