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Criterion Theatre
Sauce For The Goose (1975)
Written by Georges Feydeau
Fri 5th December to Sat 13th December
Director – Bryan Ferriman
Lucienne – Wendy Anderson
Pontagnac – James Conry
Vatelin – John Withers
Jean – Chris Eyden
Redtllion – John Burrows
Madame De Pontagnac – Annie Woodward
Heidi – Maureen Copping
Soldignac – Geoff Bennett
Armandine – Wendy Mcguire
Victor – Andy Norris
Hotel Manager – Chris Holmes
Clara, Chambermaid – Wendy Browning
Pinchard – Alan Warren
Madame Pinchard – Lesley Hatwood
1st Police Inspector – Graham Partridge
2nd Police Inspector – Chris Eyden
Gerome – Terry Brown
Setting – Bob Morley
Stage Director – Ann Watkins
Stage Director – Perry Costello
Stage Director – Les Harlock
Stage Director – Lesley Hatwood
Stage Director – Steve Higgins
Stage Director – Chris Smith
Set Dressing – Rose Clews
Set Dressing – Terry Nicholls
Props – Norma Bainbridge
Wardrobe – Norma Bainbridge
Props – Rose Clews
Wardrobe – Rose Clews
Props – Jill Warren
Wardrobe – Jill Warren
Props – Eleanor Savage
Wardrobe – Eleanor Savage
Wardrobe – Jane Perry
Wardrobe – Shelagh Conry
Sound – Steve Brooks
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Lighting – Lesley Calcott
Prompter – Pat Pugh
The Programme
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