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Criterion Theatre
The Jew Of Malta (1977)
Written by Christopher Marlowe
Sat 29th January to Sat 5th February
Director – John Burrows
Production Photos
Machiavelli (as Chorus And Ferneze The Governor) – John Withers
Barabas, A Wealthy Jew – Bryan Ferriman
Abigail, His Daughter – Jane Railton
Other Jews, Friends Of Barabas – Alan Warren
Other Jews, Friends Of Barabas – Terry Nicholls
Selim Calymath, Son Of The Emperor Of Turkey – John Hathaway
The Lord Bishop – Chris Holmes
Officers And Knights – Dave Cornish
Of The Order Of The Knights Hospitallers Of St. John – John Bagley
Of The Order Of The Knights Hospitallers Of St. John – Perry Costello
Bassoes, Attendants On Selim Calymath – Geoff Gill
Bassoes, Attendants On Selim Calymath – Perry Costello
Barnardine, A Dominican Friar – John Hathaway
Jacomo, A Franciscan Friar – John Smith
The Abbess Of An Order Of Nuns – Margaret White
Nuns – Soo Ball
Nuns – Wendy Browning
Nuns – Susan Randle
Nuns – Jackie Wood
Mathias, In Love With Abigail – Terry Nicholls
Lodowick, Son Of Ferneze – Colin Campbell
Ithamore, A Slave – John Ruscoe
Other Slaves – Geoff Gill
Other Slaves – Aqua Hassan
Katharine, Mother Of Mathias, A Widow – Noreen Adams
Bellamira, A Courtesan – Jean Warren
Pilia-borza, Her Pimp – Alan Warren
Carpenters – Terry Nicholls
Carpenters – Colin Campbell
Stage Director – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Members Of The Cast
Set Dressing – Antoinette Brown
Props – Antoinette Brown
Set Dressing – Christine Foster
Props – Christine Foster
Wardrobe – Sylvia Stafford
Wardrobe – Glynis Ruscoe
Sound – Steve Brooks
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Lighting – Dave Neale
Lighting – Jill Warren
Lighting – Sue Morris
Prompter – Chris Eyden
The Band
Organist – Tim Campian
The Programme
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