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Criterion Theatre
Old King Cole (1979)
Written by Ken Campbell
Sat 8th December to Sat 15th December
Directed – John Ruscoe
Production Photos
The Amazing Faz – Colin Campbell
Twoo (feeble-minded Assistant To Faz) – Paul Glenn
Baron Wadd (weediest Man In The Entire World) – Jem Wall
Cyril The Fiddler – Paul Longden
Old King Cole – Steve Higgins
Princess Daphne Cole – Chris Redshaw
Sports Commentator – Peter Brooks
Old Queen Cole – Vera Watson
Designed – Pete Stoker
Stage Director – Linda Cooper
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Jim Conry
Set Construction – Garry Unknown
Set Construction – Carl Bainbridge
Set Dressing – Elsie Bennett
Props – Elsie Bennett
Set Dressing – Moira Fair
Props – Moira Fair
Set Dressing – Julie Baker
Props – Julie Baker
Costume – Lynda Higgins
Costume – Sylvia Swingler
Costume – Glynnis Ruscoe
Sound – Dave Cornish
Lighting – Ian Knight
Lighting – Paula Salt
The Programme
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