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Criterion Theatre
And A Nightingale Sang (1982)
Written by C. P. Taylor
Sat 20th March to Sat 27th March
Director – Norma Bainbridge
Production Photos
Helen – Jean Firth
Mum – Vera Watson
Dad – Doug Griffiths
Norman – Jim Conry
Eric – Mark Wiszowaty
Andy – George Hugill
Joyce – Mary Hanlon
Designer – Bob Morley
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Vic Cooper
Set Painting – Bob Morley
Set Painting – Janette Turnbull
Set Dressing – Liz Thompson
Props – Liz Thompson
Set Dressing – Thelma Fletcher
Props – Thelma Fletcher
Set Dressing – Reg Fletcher
Props – Reg Fletcher
Costume – Valerie Plumb
Costume – Ruth Hall
Costume – Pat Deverson
Lighting Design – Karl Stafford
Lighting Operators – Rich Wheldon
Lighting Operators – Linda Cooper
Sound – Mike Rowberry
Prompter – June Herbert
The Programme
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