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Criterion Theatre
The Adventures Of Pinocchio (1984)
Written by Traditional
Sat 8th December to Sat 15th December
Director – Bob Morley
Production Photos
Antonio – Patrick Flavelle
Geppetto – Vic Cooper
Angelina – Norma Bainbridge
Pinocchio – Sarah Bailey
Ringmaster – Chris Smith
Blue Fairy – Wendy Browning
Fairy Nuff – Simone Moreland
Gobbo – Clayton Evans
Candlewick – Richard Dax
Gino – Ian Findlay
Judge Macaroni – Mark Wiszowaty
Fox – Jim Nailen
Cat – Sue Coupe
Harlequin – Jonathan Whitehall
Columbine – Karen Martin-Smith
Clown – Dawn Bagley
People Of The Village – Penny Adams
Toys Inn The Land Of Toys – Lisa Bartos
Toys Inn The Land Of Toys – Ruth Harris
Toys Inn The Land Of Toys – Jemimah Little
Toys Inn The Land Of Toys – Julie Newhill
Dance Director – Bob Morley
Designer – Chris Hughes
Lighting Designed By – Ian Knight
Sound Compiler – Nick Meredith
Costume Design – Cathy Wilford
Stage Manager – Gloria Oatridge
Assistant Stage Manager – Mark Wiszowaty
Props – Hazel Moreland
Props – Michael Anderson
Props – Sara Baker
Props – Lynne Brookes
Props – Terry Denman
Props – Tricia Deverson
Props – Tricia Oatridge
Props – Val Parsons
Props – Sarah Patalong
Props – Lesley Pugh
Wardrobe – Maureen Bates
Wardrobe – Ruth Hermitage
Wardrobe – Cathy Wilford
Set Building – Phil Bagley
Set Building – Terry Denman
Set Building – John Holt
Set Building – John Ruscoe
Set Building – Paul Glenn
Set Painting – Chris Hughes
Set Painting – Lynda Burman
Set Painting – Helen Chadband
Set Painting – Ruth Ward
Lighting – Ruth Hermitage
Sound Assistant – Mary Gallagher
Prompter – Bill Skinner
The Programme
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