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Criterion Theatre
Colours (1985)
Written by Various
Fri 17th May to Sun 19th May
Director – Norma Bainbridge
Director – June Pickerill
Production Photos
Ensemble – Tricia Deverson
Ensemble – Terry Egginton
Ensemble – Jane Flavelle
Ensemble – Simon Guard
Ensemble – Jane Haldenby
Ensemble – Fran Hughes
Ensemble – Amanda Jones
Ensemble – Gerald Normoyle
Ensemble – Valerie Plumb
Ensemble – Mark Protheroe
Ensemble – Mike Warris
Ensemble – Jackie Webb
Stage Director – Maureen Bates
Costume – Maureen Bates
Set Build – Clive Robinson
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Sound – Ruth Hermitage
Props – Vera Watson
Set Build – Ian Knight
Set Build – Norma Bainbridge
Set Build – June Pickerill
The Band
Piano – Sue Threadgold
The Programme
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