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Criterion Theatre
See How They Run (1989)
Written by Philip King
Sat 1st April to Sat 8th April
Director – Pete Wood
Production Photos
Ida, A Maid – Sue Franco
Miss Skillon – Barbara Pickering
The Reverend Lionel Toop – Mark Leahy
Penelope Toop, His Wife – Sarah Campbell
Lance-corporal Clive Wlnton – Martin Wills-o'toole
The Intruder – Christopher James Cadde
The Bishop Of Lax – Tom Sadler
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey – Peter Jones
Sergeant Towers – Mike Fell
Lighting Design – Pete Wood
Set Design – Nick Meredith
Stage Manager – Rene Whitlock
Props – Ben Lister
Props – Nusreen Din
Props – Carla Gamble
Props – Melanie Wood
Props – Bernadette Wynne
Wardrobe – Val Plumb
Lighting – Ian Knight
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Sound – Ruth Hermitage
Sound – Wendy Stevens
Photographs By – Clifford Brigden
Photographs By – Lynn Browning
The Programme
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