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Criterion Theatre
Aladdin (1989)
Written by Norman Robbins
Wed 6th December to Sat 16th December
Director – John Marron
Abanazar – Rupert Butt
Aladdin – Mandie Harrison
Princess Baldroubador – Eileen Mcgrath
Emperor – Charles Brookes
Slave Of The Ring – Lee Hall
Grand Vizier – Mike Fell
Widow Twankey – Ronnie Desmond
Wishee Washee – Jon Morris
Genie – Henry Hickling
So-shy – Barbara Plumb
Guards – Mike Goddard
Guards – Steven Milne
The Shangrilettes – Corinne Brewer
The Shangrilettes – Charlotte Fadipi
The Shangrilettes – Barbara Plumb
Citizens Of China – Carmen Aros
Citizens Of China – Steve Cobert
Citizens Of China – Abby Dingley
Citizens Of China – Gillian Doveton
Citizens Of China – Terry Egginton
Citizens Of China – Virginia Harper
Citizens Of China – Lewis Holmes
Citizens Of China – Margaret Lamont
Citizens Of China – Laurence Lancaster
Citizens Of China – Catherine Makin
Citizens Of China – Chris Maskell
Citizens Of China – Colette Morris
Citizens Of China – Rachel Nock
Citizens Of China – Sarah Owen
Citizens Of China – Barbara Pickering
Citizens Of China – Chris Redshaw
Citizens Of China – Marcia Whitlock
Choreographer – Lizzie Howells
Choreographer – June Pickerill
Choreographer – Tina Williams
Lighting – Pete Bennett
Sound – Graham Robinson
Wardrobe – Joan Carter
Make-up – Joan Carter
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Make-up – Maureen Copping
Stage Manager – Liz Thompson
Stage Manager – Lynne Brookes
Props – Ruth Hermitage
Props – Chris Jones
Technical Crew – Dave Bailey
Technical Crew – Tricia Oatridge
Technical Crew – Pete Shields
Technical Crew – Dave Slack
Technical Crew – Tina Williams
Stage Team – Maureen Bates
Stage Team – Terry Egginton
Stage Team – Gloria Oatridge
Stage Team – Barbara Pickering
Stage Team – Sharon Neill
Set Builders – Paul Glenn
Set Builders – Geoff Hunt
Set Builders – Alex Kidger
Set Builders – Karl Stafford
Artists – Steve Unknown
Artists – Chris Unknown
Artists – Sue Unknown
Artists – Michelle Unknown
Artists – Robert Unknown
Artists – Ben Unknown
The Band
Music Backing Tracks – Rob Woodward
The Programme
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