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Criterion Theatre
On Golden Pond (1990)
Written by Ernest Thompson
Sat 1st September to Sat 8th September
Director – Liz Thompson
Norman Thayer – John Hathaway
Ethel Thayer – Norma Bainbridge
Charlie Martin – William Tucker
Chelsea Thayer Wayne – Doreen Belton
Billy Ray – Jamie Firth
Bill Ray – Paul Murphy
Stage Manager – Pete Shields
Set Design – Dave Bailey
Set Design – Liz Thompson
Set Building – Pete Bennett
Set Building – Mike Goddard
Set Building – Dave Holmes
Set Building – Tom Ormiston
Set Building – Trevor Owen
Set Building – Rod Ricketts
Set Building – Graham Robinson
Set Painting – Dave Bailey
Set Painting – Viv Raffo
Set Painting – Pete Shields
Props and Set Dressing – Lynne Brookes
Props and Set Dressing – Eddie Taylor
Additional Set Dressing – Janette Turnbull
Assistant to Director – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Lighting Design – Dave Bailey
Lighting Operator – Ruth Hermitage
Lighting Operator – Graham Nock
Sound Operator – Trevor Owen
Prompt – Wendy Stevens
The Programme
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