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Criterion Theatre
Steel Magnolias (1991)
Written by Robert Harling
Sat 11th May to Sat 18th May
Directed By – Jean Warren
Truvy – Doreen Belton
Annelle – Amanda Butler
Clairee – Maureen Copping
Sheby – Bernadette Wynne
M'lynn – Annie Woodward
Ouiser – Terry Egginton
D.j. – Rupert Butt
Designer – Geoff Quilley
Stage Director – Wendy Browning
Set Building – Rupert Butt
Set Building – Mike Clarke
Set Building – Pete Harris
Set Building – Dave Holmes
Set Building – Ben Woodward
Set Painting – Geoff Quilley
Set Painting – Wendy Browning
Set Painting – Liz Thompson
Properties – Liz Thompson
Properties – Julie Hathaway
Properties – Chris Redshaw
Properties – Elizabeth Villagomez
Wardrobe – Emma Padfield
Wardrobe – Helen Clarke
Lighting – Dave Cornish
Prompter – Maureen Bates
Sound – Bryan Jackson
The Programme
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