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Criterion Theatre
Boeing Boeing (1996)
Written by Marc Camoletti & Beverley Cross
Sat 3rd February to Sat 10th February
Directed By – Helen Clarke
Production Photos
Janet – Jan Nightingale
Bernard – Chris Smith
Bertha – Linda Holmes
Robert – Mike Santos
Jacqueline – Amanda Butler
Judith – Emma Padfield
Stage Manager – Steve Withers
Prompt – Liz Hodgekiss
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Props – Debbie Relton
Props – Antoinette Brown
Props – Chris Jones
Costume – Jayne Birch
Costume – Lucy Collins
Costume – Maureen Copping
Costume – Nancy Silvester
Costume – Members Of The Cast
Lights Design – Dave Cornish
Rigging – Dave Cornish
Lighting Operators – Jamie Firth
Lighting Operators – Chris Old
Sound Design – Becky Bartlett
Sound Operator – Jason Dawson
Set Construction – Mike Tooley
Painting – Mike Tooley
Set Construction – Dave Holmes
Painting – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Nick Hodgkiss
Painting – Nick Hodgkiss
Set Construction – Paul Chokran
Painting – Paul Chokran
Set Construction – Judy Talbot
Painting – Judy Talbot
Set Construction – Julian Cox
Painting – Julian Cox
Set Construction – Martin Cox
Painting – Martin Cox
Set Construction – Peter Jones
Painting – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Chris Old
Painting – Chris Old
Set Construction – Heather Bagley
Painting – Heather Bagley
Set Construction – Samantha Jones
Painting – Samantha Jones
The Programme
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