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Criterion Theatre
Red Hot and Cole (2002)
Written by Cole Porter
Fri 6th December to Sat 14th December
Director – June Pickerill
Production Photos
Cole Porter – Paul Field
Linda Porter – Nicole Firth
Elsa Maxwell – Liz Brooks
Monty Woolley – Peter Brooks
George Kaufman/moss Hart – Michael Barker
Clifton Webb/noel Coward/doctor – Phil Reynolds
Paul Sylvain – Neil Monro-davies
Sara Murphy/dorothy Parker – Sue Hadlum
Hedda Hopper/bella Spewack – Christine Evans
Bricktop – Louise Cuttiford
Irene Castle – Debbie Relton-Elves
Ethel Merman – Vicki Hollings
Anne Photographer/maid – Tracy Pullen
Lucille/starlet – Lucy Hayton
Ray Goetz/english Soldier/waiter – Michael Hammond
Sam Catz/henri – Tony Cuttiford
Dancers – Members Of The Cast
Choreographer – Chris Redshaw
Musical Director – Bill Bosworth
Stage Manager – Steve Withers
Assistant Stage Manager – Helen Withers
Assistant Stage Manager – Ben Woodward
Prompt – Ruth Chapness
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting – Becky Bartlett
Sound Operation – Becky Bartlett
Projection Operator – Olivia Holmes
Projection Operator – Dave Cornish
Costume – Maureen Copping
Costume – Maureen Liggins
Costume – Pam Coleman
Costume – Marion Beven
Costume – Emma Padfield
Props – Chris Jones
Props – Lynne Brookes
Props – Lesley Rahilly
Set Designer – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – John Griffiths
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Set Painting – Pauline Petros
Set Painting – Tom Hellberg
Set Painting – Ian Pickerill
Set Painting – Paul Chokran
Stage Crew – Matt Jones
Stage Crew – Chris Firth
Stage Crew – Adrian Middup
Stage Crew – Jonathan Wells
Set Painting – Paul Tate
The Band
Piano – Paul Marshal
Bass – Don Beard
Drums – Bill Thorpe
Drums – Robin Payne
Rehearsal Pianist – Jill Cahill
The Programme
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