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Criterion Theatre
Daisy Pulls It Off (2006)
Written by Denise Degan
Sat 4th February to Sat 11th February
Director – Gennie Holmes
Your Memories
Peter Gillam remembers ...
This was my first production at the Criterion and my first anywhere.
Production Photos
Daisy Meredith – Amy Kakoura
Trixie Martin – Emma Whewell
Monica Smithers – Emma Smith
Sybil Burlington – Sarah Jaremenko
Clare Beaumont – Natalie Gardner
Alice Fitzpatrick – Hayley Marsh
Belinda Mathieson – Nicola Gabriel
Winnie Irving – Alison Bennett
Dora Johnson – Ruth Hearn
Miss Granville – Linda Holmes
Miss Gibson – Anne-marie Greene
Mr. Sclobowski – Pete Bagley
Mr Thompson – Peter Gillam
Mother/madamoiselle – Emma Withers
Assistant To Director – Dan Darragh
Stage Manager – Lynne Brookes
Assistant Stage Manager – Matthew Waters
Set Design – Dave Holmes
Set Build – Dave Holmes
Set Build – Des Ali
Set Build – Frances Dixon
Set Build – Jon Miller
Set Build – Mike Tierney
Set Build – Paul Tierney
Set Build – Mike Tooley
Set Build – Ben Woodward
Set Paint – Paul Chokran
Set Paint – Zara Hansen
Set Paint – Emma Withers
Set Paint – Lauren Tromans
Set Paint – Sue Hadlum
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Becky Bartlett
Lighting Operators – Matthew Sellwood
Sound – Dave Cornish
Costume – Pam Coleman
Costume – Maureen Liggins
Costume – Doreen Belton
Props – John Barnes
Props – Peter Jones
Props – Conner Barnes
Prompt – Claire Linton
Prompt – Tom Mansbridge
Thanks – Gareth Withers
The Programme
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