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Criterion Theatre
The Farmer's Wife (1964)
Written by Eden Philpotts
Sat 19th September to Sat 26th September
Play Produced By – Josie Castell
Production Photos
Samuel Sweetland,master Of Applegarth Farm – Anthony Haydon
Petronell Sweetland His Daughter – Pat Vallins
Sibley Sweetland His Daughter – June Herbert
Araminta Dench, His Houskeeper – Joan Taylor
Churdles Ash, His Farmworker – Eric Abbott
Henry Coaker – Herbert Hartley
Richard Coaker, His Son – Roger Neave
Sarah Smerdon – Estelle Angel
George Smerdon, Her Son – Leslie Tucker
Teddy Smerdon, Her Young Son – Michael Smith
Sophie Smerdon, Her Young Daughter – Linda Copping
Thirza Tapper – Joyce Chavner
Susan Maine, Her Servant – Wendy Edge
Louisa Windeatt – Vera Watson
Mary Hearn – Thelma Fletcher
Valiant Dunnybrig – Alan Warren
Rev Septimus Tudor – George Hugill
Mrs Tudor – Kate Wilcox
Dr Rundle – John Lawrence
Mrs Rundle – Molly Hugill
Mr Gregson – Reg Fletcher
Stage Director – Reg Fletcher
Stage Manager – Reg Light
Set Construction – Reg Light
Costume – Maureen Copping
Properties – Ann Eley
Sound – Nigel Herbert
Lighting – Reg Hunnisett
Prompter – Pat Pugh
Photographs By – Wynne Jarrett
Decor – Alasdair Burman
The Programme
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