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Criterion Theatre
Rookery Nook (1965)
Written by Ben Travers
Sat 22nd May to Sat 29th May
Director – Leslie Tucker
Production Photos
Gertrude Twine – Estelle Angel
Mrs. Leverett – Noreen Adams
Harold Twine – Ken Dooley
Clive Popkiss – Martin Everett
Gerald Popkiss – John Hathaway
Rhoda Marley – Angela Brown
Putz – Arthur Mccaffery
Admiral Juddy – John Lawrence
Poppy Dickey – June Herbert
Clara Popkiss – Lynn Dolby
Mrs. Possett – Kate Wilcox
Setting Designed – Ray Williams
Stage Director – Reg Fletcher
Stage Manager – Reg Light
Set Construction – Reg Light
Wardrobe – Renee Lingard
Properties – Ann Eley
Sound – Nigel Herbert
Lighting – Reg Hunnisett
Prompter – Christine Harris
Photographer – Wynne Jarrett
The Programme
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