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Criterion Theatre
The Curious Savage (1966)
Written by John Patrick
Sat 31st December to Thu 6th January
Director – Leslie Tucker
Florence – Wendy Ashfield
Hannibal – Anthony Haydon
Fairy May – Yvonne Lear
Jeffrey – Neil Mclauchlan
Mrs Paddy – Jean Dooley
Titus – Geoff Bennett
Samuel – Leslie Tucker
Lily Belle – Joan Hartley
Ethel – Joyce Chavner
Miss Wilhelmina – June Herbert
Dr. Emmett – George Hugill
Stage Director – Margaret Baker
Stage Manager – Robin Green
Set Construction – Robin Green
Wardrobe – Elsie Brooks
Properties – Julia Green
Lighting – Peter Bleasby
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Prompter – Vera Watson
Photographer – Wynne Jarrett
The Programme
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