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Criterion Theatre
Dark Of The Moon (1967)
Written by Howard Richardson & William Berney
Wed 18th January to Sat 21st January
Director – John Walter
Production Photos
John – Keith Railton
Conjur Man – Robert Hipwell
Dark Witch – Joanne Walter
Fair Witch – Laura Hughes
Conjur Wornan – Jill Dalton
Hank Gudger – Mick Bucknell
Edna Sumney – Joy Baker
Mr. Sumney – Steven Brooks
Mrs. Sumney – Jill Lenton
Miss Metcalf – Carol Willock
Burt Dinwitty – John Crofts
Greeny Gorman – Dianne Walters
Uncle Smelicue – David Brown
Floyd Allen – William Adams
Bergen – Richard Evans
Mrs. Bergen – Susan Davies
Leafy Flaxton – Lynn Tanner
Rate Flaxton – Grahame Faxon
Marvin Hudgens – Graham Caldicott
Barbara Allen – Kathy Lawson
Mrs. Allen – Margaret Seymour
Mr. Allen – Kenneth Thomas
Preacher Haggler – John Burrows
Car Design – John Burrows
Set Construction – Robert Hipwell
Stage Manager – Janet Chamberlain
Lighting – Peter Bleasby
Lighting – Brian Tuck
Lighting – Eric Sutton
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Sound – Steven Brooks
Wardrobe Mistress – Jill Dalton
Assistant To The Director – Neil Mclauchlan
Stage Photography – John Blakemore
Prompter – Gillian Wilkinson
The Programme
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