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Criterion Theatre
Lysistrata (1967)
Written by Aristophanes
Sat 1st April to Sat 8th April
Director – Ron Jones
Production Photos
Lysistrata – Maureen Copping
Myrrhine – Kathy Lawson
Kalonike – June Herbert
Women – Wendy Ashfield
Women – Sue Faxon
Women – Pat Pugh
Magistrate – Leslie Tucker
Kinesias – Ken Wilkinson
Policemen – Peter Faxon
Policemen – Mick Bucknell
Leader – Vera Watson
Old Women – Christine Harris
Old Women – Thelma Fletcher
Old Women – Molly Hugill
Old Women – Jill Dalton
Old Women – Joyce Chavner
Leader – Keith Railton
Old Men – Reg Fletcher
Old Men – Peter Wood
Old Men – Stephen Brookes
Old Men – Graham Caldicott
Old Men – John Crofts
Lampito – Janette Turnbull
Spartans – Jill Lenton
Spartans – Margaret Seymour
Spartans – Pauline Bevan
Ambassador – Peter Faxon
Costumes Designed And Made – Janette Turnbull
Stage Director – Robert Hipwell
Stage Manager – Reg Fletcher
Set Construction – Reg Fletcher
Properties – Joan Tucker
Lighting – Peter Bleasby
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Prompter – Kate Wilcox
Photographer – Wynne Jarrett
The Programme
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