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Criterion Theatre
The Happiest Days Of Your Life (1969)
Written by John Dighton
Sat 25th January to Sat 1st February
Director – Leslie Tucker
Production Photos
Godfrey Pond, Headmaster – Anthony Haydon
Rupert Billings, Senior Assistant Master – Terry Brown
Dick Tassell, Assistant Master – Stephen Brookes
Rainbow, Porter And Groundsman – Alfred Herbert
Hopcroft Minor, Pupil – Keith Davey
Miss Evelyn Whitchurch, Principal – Joan Taylor
Miss Gossage, Senior Assistant Mistress – June Herbert
Miss Joyce Harper, Assistant Mistress – Pat Chadbourne
Barbara Cahoun, Pupil – Marilyn Lester
Reverend Edward Peck – Joe Dunn
Mrs. Peck, His Wife – Margaret Crofts
Edgar Sowter – Alan Warren
Mrs. Sowter, His Wife – Joy Evans
Setting – Bryn Jones
Stage Director – Janet Chamberlain
Set Construction – John Lawrence
Set Construction – Dave Brown
Set Construction – Mick Bucknell
Set Construction – John Crofts
Set Construction – Keith Railton
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Wendy Anderson
Properties – Margaret Baker
Properties – Glynis Cooper
Lighting – Norman Jones
Lighting – Bob Vincent
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Continuity – Jill Chamberlain
Photographer – Richard Sadler
The Programme
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