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Taken at Midnight (2017)

What price would you pay to fight tyranny?

Mar 18th to 25th 2017

Written by Mark Hayhurst

Directed by Anne-marie Greene

What price would you pay to fight tyranny?

 “… every deed that does good must do harm somewhere else. This recognition of the ‘double-edge of the deed’, leads many people… to swear off acting at all… but man cannot live without guilt… therefore we must have the courage to accept guilt and responsibility” Hans Litten, 1925.


We have again secured another amateur premiere of a brand new play which only completed its West End run in March 2015 to rave reviews.


It is based on the true story of a brilliant lawyer, Hans Litten, who in 1931 called Adolf Hitler to act as star witness in the trial of a band of murderous SA men. Two years later, Litten is arrested. He is held without trial, beaten, tortured, and threatened as 'an enemy of human society'.


His story is told by his mother Irmgard who confronts his captors and fights to try and achieve his release (played in the West End production by Penelope Wilton). Ultimately inspirational, the play reminds us of the importance of protecting human rights and freedom of expression, and the high price of resisting tyranny.


Anne-marie Greene (Mindgame, Proof, Let the Right One In) directs this compelling drama.