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Criterion Theatre

Dinner: The Criterion On Tour
11th June

Our friends at the Talisman Theatre have been running a weekly series of short plays "Tea with the Tali".

This weeks audio play is a "touring production" by members of the Criterion!

So, why not grab a cuppa and sit back to enjoy this week’s Tea with the Tali play.

‘Dinner’ by Paul Smith - A young man wakes to find himself tied to a chair in the dining room of an elderly couple. How did he get there and what will he do next?

Featuring Pete Gillam as Ernest, Anne-Marie Greene as Hilda and Paul Forey as Jonnie.
Produced by Paul Forey and Pete Gillam.
Recorded at Warwick Avenue Studios, Earlsdon, Coventry.
Music: In Party Mood written by Jack Strachey, performed by The West End Celebrity Orchestra.

If you enjoy the piece, please do share the link with friends and family.

Thanks to Dik Thacker for technical support and to Rod Wilkinson for getting us involved.


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